Friday, January 8, 2010

it's a blizzard!

well, not really. it's 3.8 inches. enough to get just one local school closed. but that'll do!

frankly, my car is crap in the snow. it's really just dangerous crap. my brakes are already suspect on a perfect, dry day. factor in snow and it takes me 100 yards to stop going 25 mph. as a result, i missed an important sharon township meeting that took place last night. i might have missed volleyball if it weren't for my friend beth's reliable Geo.

but now it's all snowy and pretty outside, which unfortunately makes me not want to work. at all. it makes me want to hunker down inside in the fetal position with warm apple cider and a pile of Disney movies. sometimes i really miss being a kid.

and yet as an adult i get the option to make those decisions for myself. so i might actually work from home today if i can manage it. writers do that sometimes. the question i have to ask myself is whether or not i think i'll actually be productive. if the answer is no, i'll have to motivate myself to shower and head in. if i can somehow convince myself that i can bust out several stories, then me and my pajamas are going to be mates for life. i wonder which one i'll choose...

in other news, oscar season approaches. i freaking love oscar season. i am the biggest award show sap in the world... and even as a middle school student i was making lists of notable movies and checking them off my list as i watched them. i always wanted to have seen all the major ones prior to awards season. this year i'm doing terrible, which makes me sad. i decided last year (one of many new year's resolutions) that i would be more money conscious... and that basically translated into going to fewer movies and renting them when they were released instead. so i've seen Sherlock Holmes and Avatar recently... and New Moon obviously. I've also seen Inglorious Basterds which has a Golden Globe nom for best picture drama. actually, i might as well just re-post the nominations as they stand (best picture only):

Best picture in a drama:
Avatar (saw it in 3D IMax like the rest of the planet... oh hello box office record! my name is james cameron. it's good to see you again!)
The Hurt Locker (never came to a theater near me... you lied commercials. you lied.)
Inglorious Basterds (saw it, loved it, own it)
Precious (wanted to see, was afraid of content/couldn't find someone interested)
Up in the Air (seeing tonight/tomorrow with my lovable manfriend)

2/5 is pathetic. Soon to be 3/5. I can do better. I WILL do better. Maybe the Hurt Locker is out for rent now? =/

Best picture in a musical or comedy:
(500) days of summer (renting this weekend obviously)
The Hangover (saw it, own it, peed my pants)
It's Complicated (if i can find someone equally obsessed with Alex Baldwin, i'll have a movie date)
Julie and Julia (renting this weekend, obviously)
Nine (surprisingly i don't want to see this. I was totally on the bandwagon because I can't resist a musical with Nicole Kidman... let alone a musical with Nicole Kidman and all those other actresses, but it hasn't been getting great reviews. i'll rent this and not bat an eye.)

Um. 1/5. So bad.

Lucky for me... the Oscars typically don't take to comedies. However, I did hear that (500) days of summer would probably be up for something, as will the shoe-in Nine just because of its star power.

so anyway... that's what some of my spare time will be spent doing the next few weeks. You can probably safely add "writing for fun," "reading," and "various vampire-related tendencies" to that list.

Speaking of vampire tendencies... this just came out and I'm obviously going to see it asap.

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