Sunday, January 17, 2010

getting to the end of it now.

begins with the hangover cast with mike tyson presenting a clip of their own movie, the hangover. it's hilarious because mike tyson has the most effeminate voice in the world. but he's also the scariest man on earth.

reese witherspoon is looking good. she's presenting best motion picture comedy or musical. 500 days of summer, the hangover, it's complicated, julie and julia, nine. and the golden globie goes to... the hangover? YUP!@# the woofpack wins it! $5 says that when they were making a movie that included a naked asian man running around spouting stereotypes, they weren't thinking golden trophies.

another BUMP COMMERCIAL. "know when that bump is just a bump, and when it's A SIGN TO GO TO THE LIFESAVING EMERGENCY CLINIC! DON'T YOU WATCH THE TELEVISION SERIES 'HOUSE'? THESE THINGS HAPPEN TO EVERYDAY PEOPLE" thanks for that local 4 news. i had no idea that my local news source was this desperate for material. next week i'll share all my soft news leads with you while tucking you in at night with a bottle of warm apple cider. it will all be ok. i pinky swear.

please welcome the governor of awesomeness. cue ARNOLD LOOKING DAPPER. awwww. avatar sounds like avader out of his funny mouth. oh man. the governor just made an unpolitically correct NBC joke while PRESENTING ON NBC. i knew this night would be interesting. way to go, nbc. most botched contract deal EVER.

ok mickey rourke takes the stage. in... a cowboy hat? wow he's not slurring. best actress in a motion picture drama. emily blunt, sandra bullock, helen mirron, carey mulligan, demore syllaby (i can't spell her name, i know, i'm googling it as we speak). ok it's spelled gabourey sidibe. sandra bullock wins for blind side, by the way. she looks amazing in purple.

someone is presenting in a shiny dress. i don't know who she is. but she's british. best actor in a motion picture comedy or musical. matt damon (the informant), robert downie jr. (sherlock holmes), joseph gorden levitt (500 days of summer), michael something (a serious man), daniel day lewis (nine). golden globe goes to robert downey jr for sherlock holmes. comeback of the decade? i think so. and it all started with a man made of iron and then an american playing an australian playing an african american. LOL funniest acceptance speech ever. i want to be his friend. please, robert downey jr. be my friend.

home stretch here. i think there are only like two left.

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