Sunday, January 17, 2010

commercials and then golden globes #4/#5

HAHAHAHAHAH. i just saw a local news 4 commercial for kids with bumps on their heads. it basically goes, "you know how kids bump their heads on things because they run around like kids? well just be warned... one day, that bump might not actually be just a bump. it could be... a twin... an alien... CANCER!... more on local 4 news." wow. thanks for that.

back to the awards...

helen mirron presents the clip for "precious" and things get serious again because of sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, violence, illiteracy, and obesity.

zoe saldana and sam worthington from avatar presenting. she looks freaking beautiful. i'm not sure what they're presenting. i think it's actor in a tv movie. i'm not sure because i've never heard of any of these movies/shows, and yet i know all of the actors nominated. ok it looks like it's for tv movie or mini series. anyway it goes to kevin bacon. he's looking very hipster with his thick rimmed glasses. way to be... glad to see you're still footloose at heart. now get off the stage. the female winner in the same category was drew barrymore for grey gardens. this pleases me. see post below. self promotion always wins. awww.. her speech was actually pretty cute and nice, despite the fact that she has a sea urchin growing out of her dress's shoulder. she says she's been in this career since she was seven (see imdb, search "ET"), but she just wants to be a nice human being and she sets monique as the bar for everyone. she seems like a pretty down to earth chick. i approve.

cameron diaz up to present now... she looks AWESOME. also ricky gervais just took a swig of some booze from below his presenter's stand. and he's now talking about how the writing award is a downer. actors are better because they're the ones saying the words. it was a continually uncomfortable speech that i know most people hate, but i loved. because i love when people are uncomfortable.

gerard butler and jennifer aniston are presenting for screenplay in a motion picture. i actually care about this category (you know, as a writer and all). the winner is... up in the air.

jennifer garner looks great. she's with ashton kutcher for actor in a comedy or musical television show. the winner is alex baldwin of 30 rock who ISN'T there because he's at a charity event. and because he never thought he'd win. but he did.

maggie gyllenhaal is there to plug haiti relief. no really. she wasn't presenting anything. she was just up there to talk about haiti before the commercial break. they had to get that in before we were attacked by capitalist commercial products like Crest toothpaste and motorola phones.

it's 9:30. that means we've officially hit the halfway point. i'm getting kind of tired tbh. and drunk. my spelling and grammar are going to get exceptionally worse in a bit. so i might lessen up on the witty banter and simply try typing the winners. we'll see how it goes.

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