Sunday, January 17, 2010


kate winslet presenting best actor in a drama movie. jeff bridges, george clooney, colin firth, morgan freeman, tobey maguire. who will it be? (winslet looks pretty, as always). winner is jeff bridges for crazy heart. i haven't seen this yet. THE DUDE! THE DUDE WINS!@ STANDING O! no really. they're giving him a standing o and maguire looks like he wants to cry. man, he has the sexiest manliest voice in the world. his speech is strangly "i'm an old boy with a mama and a papa and we be dancin while drinkin beer en smokin some cigs. i'm just a down home boy." ok, dude. we know. don't let it get to your head. he just thanked about everyone who ever lived. no really. he just thanked his stand in. talk about being unprepared. he also thanked his wife first... and ricky gervais probably just had a heart attack, because he totally called it.

julia roberts presenting best motion picture drama. the BIG ONE! nominees once more are avatar, hurt locker, inglorious basterds, precious, up in the air. golden globe goes to... avatar. LUL. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT BILLIONS OF DOLLARS BUYS. IT BUYS GOLD. hahahahaha. i can't even describe the facial expressions of the losers. all the movies this year were actually kind of meaningful and good in this category. fyi james cameron should probably cut his hair also. he is trying to give a speech about walking in here and being blown away but the feeling. but, um, james... reminder, we haven't forgotten that you won like 9 oscars 10 years ago for titanic. just because it happened a decade ago doesn't mean we've forgotten. you're no newbie.

gervais wraps it up with another heartless plug of his show.

so that's a wrap kids! i'm officially out! i also noticed that the more i drank, the more i used caps lock. coincidence? definitely not. goodnight =)


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