Sunday, January 17, 2010

red carpet ongoings

no swans yet. i'm actually really disappointed. people are getting classier all of a sudden.

jon hamm is looking awesome. with a beard. he is freaking adorable. he is the one actor that gets cuter when lesser men would be pathetic looking.

meanwhile... gerard butler looks like he has mono... probably mainly because he has an ineffective spray tan that looks particularly ridiculous in the pouring rain.

holy crap. kate hudson is wearing a space shuttle-turned-evening-gown that actually looks good. she wears ridiculous things that always look sweet..


he always looks good. he's basically a ken doll for GQ. also all of their questions to him are about girls. i can't decide if that's because they think he's vapid with no substance... or if they're just terrible interviewers. maybe both. he is actually the most well-trained young actor in terms of media, though... so attempting to get personal information out of him seems pointless.

jennifer garner looks amazing. and she's a mom. courtney cox might have gone under the knife again. her expressions are somewhat muted. i also think i just saw mariah carey's boob pop out. not an accident.

no big dress mistakes so far. the popular colors seem to be black, navy blue, white and steel tones. lots of grays. very few pop colors. a few gold. the boys are sporting pocket squares because they all want to be jon hamm aka don draper aka the sexiest man alive.

callista flockhart still looks like a parakeet. harrison ford hasn't aged a day. heidi klum has recent-mom cleavage

that's all for now... commerical break for "the holiday" with q. latifah

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