Sunday, January 17, 2010

the trophies continue...

ricky is back to make fun of the actors. and himself. he keeps hilariously self promoting his movies and television shows. felicity huffman is drunk. she can't present anything right now. HILARIOUS. oh, hollywood. i love you.

ok now it's time for actor in a tv series. please win jon hamm. please win jon hamm. or hugh laurie because his speeches are always the best. if bill paxton wins i'm quitting. he looks like he has aids. and the winner is...... michael c. hall wins from Dexter. what is going on with the men in dexter? i guess i'm going to have to watch this show. my old roomie loves it. also now i feel bad for making fun of him because he has cancer. he has hodgkins lymphoma. i'm such a jerk for being mad at the cancer patient. i guess that's a 50/50. i'm not pleased. but i'm not quitting either.

best actress in a tv series drama... january jones should win based on boob power alone. she looks hot. anna paquin would be ok simply based on the vampire factor alone. glenn close was nominated and damages is a good show, but mostly i just loved her in the 101 dalmations. and the winner is... julianna margolese from the wood wife. i'm going out on a limb and saying she's only winning because she plays opposite Mr. Big. sex and the city only ever won these awards when he was a primary character. coincidence? i think not. whatever. i like her i guess.

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