Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pass: Cute got cuter

The below posts are a little serious for this particular blog, so whaddya say we lighten things up a bit?

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Pass: Going, going, gone

Michigan defeated Connecticut, 30-10! Huzzah!

But a true season opener wouldn't be what it is without a little drama. You see that photo above? Where Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson lock arms in a buddy-buddy hug last year? Yeah, that might never happen again. Why? Because while Denard might not pout when he doesn't get to start a single game (aka last year), it turns out that Tate does not have the same emotional tolerance. Denard started and quite nearly finished on Saturday with 19 of 22 passes for 186 yards and ran for 197 yards. Not too shabby. But then the kicker came with Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez decided to play Devin Gardner, taking away his possible red shirt status. Tate didn't see a single minute of play.

Instead, Tate sat alone on a bench with a towel over his shoulders or head for the entire game. Going from starter to third in line can be tough on a 19-year-old kid, especially one who already has a track record of either talking back or not acting like a "team player." Personally, I think Tate is talented, but nothing turns off fans of a longstanding program more than pouting or behaving inappropriately. Michigan fans want someone who acts like they are fortunate to be there.

So the question is, will he transfer? Would he be better off someplace else?

Professionally, he probably would be better off elsewhere. Ryan Mallett transferred out as Rich Rod came in with Denard and Tate, and now he's the third best quarterback in the country. Tate could definitely get more guaranteed playing time someplace else. But emotionally, I think he would be a stronger player if he stays at Michigan. Sometimes a player needs to learn his place. Plus who is to say he won't be the starter later this season? I did hear rumors of Tate currently mending an injury, and with the amount of running Denard is doing it is very possible he could get hurt. I doubt Gardner would be the #1 above Tate if Denard was out of the running.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pass/Fail yet to be decided: U of M football program

Greetings! I know it's been a while, and I know that I almost never post about sports on this particular journal/blog/rant/website, but I was once a sports writer and football does matter to me. I hail from the maize and blue. I have been attending Wolverine match-ups since I was a toddler. Thus today will shed light on whether or not I will enjoy or abhor my Saturdays for the remainder of the fall.

People have been saying a lot of things about today's season opener against Connecticut. I'll summarize a few of them:
1. Tate will start at QB
2. Denard will start at QB
3. Connecticut will win and it will be worse than it was against Appalachian State
4. Michigan will win by 3
5. It will be a high-point game
6. Rich Rod will choke on a slice of Domino's pizza during halftime

It is my belief that Denard will start. My little birdie sources say that Tate is mending an injury and is not ready, and that Denard will take the first snap. Frankly, as far as I'm concerned that is fine with me. Tate has XP, but he's an arrogant toddler. He finished the season much worse than he started it, so I'm perfectly fine with a fresh start so long as Denard has improved his pocket presence in practice.

It is also my belief (because it must be!) that Michigan will win by 10 points, but I do believe it will be a high-scoring game. Don't get unnerved when Connecticut scores a ton of points, because our defense this year is young and lacking. It is also my belief, should we lose this game, the chances of rumor #6 or a version close to it increase exponentially.

Please win, please win, please win.

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