Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Script Frenzy: Wishing myself luck


Oh dear. It's that time again. Last year I did both the National Novel Writing Month ('09) and Script Frenzy ('10) for the first time. This year I attempted for a second time (and failed) NaNoWriMo 2010, and I intend to make a pass at Script Frenzy 2011 as well.

This seems like a good opportunity to mention that I (sort of) have more free time on my hands for writing nowadays, which bodes well for my successful completion of 100 pages of a script of some sort--good or bad. I made a sudden career change a little less than a month ago and am no longer officially a full-time editor and newspaper reporter. My current employment includes some copy editing, but it is mostly an office kind of job with phones and files and coffee and meetings. It is a big work change, not to mention a major schedule change that has me working 8am-5pm instead of noon-8pm or 10am-2am on deadline days.

I say that I sort of have more free time for writing because, in fact, I have been dealing with sudden stressful responsibilities due to a sick cat. We've been back and forth from the vet several times between work, and have been coming home to force feed her every 3-4 hours. So that's been a nightmare. We are hoping desperately that having a feeding tube placed in her stomach will make both her life and ours less stressed overall... not to mention hoping that she will come around. =(

So, really, who knows how this will go... I could have a major meltdown about my cat, or she could suddenly get better and then I have all this extra creative thinking time to knock out 100 pages of dialogue.

Here's hoping for a healthy kitty and a healthy appetite for words...

Cheers, and good luck to any other Script Frenzy addicts/masochists out there.

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