Sunday, December 27, 2009

my hair is gone, and so is my christmas

i cut off nine inches of hair recently. i haven't had the shocked reactions i was expecting. i always thought cutting off that much hair would lead everyone who ever met me to gasp and say something immediately. but frankly, even some of my closest friends didn't even say anything. that means one of two things. it means that a) the haircut suits me, or b) the haircut was looooooong overdue. Maybe both.

the other bit of news is that my christmas events are officially over. all the various family dinners have been eaten, the gifts have been opened, and i had a chance to spend time with most of my friends that were in town. and now it's sunday and I have to work and i don't wanna. I'm feeling particularly bratty about it considering I have all these gift cards that i want to use IMMEDIATELY at j.crew and best buy. but instead, thanks to another needlessly early deadline for the paper, today is essentially my monday and i have stories to finish and dummies to draw. i'm not looking forward to it, mainly because we had so little time to compile this week's stuff.

wish me luck. i'm going to need it. because i'm probably going to end up at j.crew and then go into work panic mode later this evening.

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