Sunday, January 17, 2010

golden globes #3 or #4 (not sure, similarly don't know if this is wine glass #3 or #4)

wow... ricky gervais is going to get BOO'ed by the end of the night.... he just dared to mock mccartney. the beatles are untouchable. he's british--he should know better.

Cher and Christina Aquilera are presenting the music category. they look like pretty stupid standing next to each other, but aquileria looks pretty hot. i guess so does cher considering how freaking old that brawd is. they're obviously presenting a music category... ah yes, there we go, best song. nominations to nine, avatar, everybody's fine, crazy heart, brothers. crazy heart will probably win... and the winner is.... crazy heart. told you. (p.s. jeff bridges still looks like the dude. i don't think he was acting when he made "the big lebowski")

best original score... up, the informant, avatar, a single man, where the wild things are are nominated. it goes to "Up". god bless you, pixar.

best mini series or tv movie... aka the category absolutely no one cares about other than the actors that are in them. mostly because they receive zero publicity and no one EVER sees them unless they are critics or hermits. i'm liking the look of the one that has Mr. Darcy in it though. gray gardens will probably win because that one actually DID receive some PR. and the winner is.... ooooooh i was right it's grey gardnes. drew barrymore deserves an award of her own with jessica lang. those two got super high and attended every single awards show and event as one another's lesbian date. the chick accepting the award is getting the HINT, HINT music because she wasted her previous acceptance time throwing out big words early. now she's just rattling off names. epic failure of an acceptance speech.

tom hanks looks awesome as usual. i wish he was an uncle or something. but apparently he isn't a very good comedian. he tried in his presentation speech, but i guess he really upset the actor he joked about. oh ok. he's not presenting an award. he's just presenting a clip of julie and julia. if meryl streep doesn't win this year i think the earth might explode.

gervais gets serious... is this going to be about haiti? ok we're talking about stereotypes... and how colin ferrell is a drunk, irish arse. fact. "oh i once was a cliche" he's presenting best actress in a comedy or musical... nominated is sandra bullock (proposal), marian cotilliard (nine), julia roberts (duplicity), meryl streep (it's complicated), meryl streep (julie and julia). is meryl streep going to beat herself? or is the world going to implode? and the winner is meryl streep for julie and julia. let's see if she's drunk like last year. i have to say she looks classy tonight in a nice black number. she says she wants to be named "t.bone streep." yup... she's drunk again. she says she loves nora (the author of the original book). there we go meryl, thanking the cast and crew is always safe... pull it together. then she talks about her mother and being inspired to get through the druggery that is hollywood when so many bad things (aka earthquakes) are going on. yeah meryl. we know it's tough. we're one of the little people. (p.s. i tease, but i do actually love her)

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