Saturday, January 16, 2010

oh, golden globes. you're so sexy.

since I'm obsessed with awards season.. i figure i'll live blog this year's awards. i'm going to be watching them anyway. now if you don't feel like watching yourself, you can just check in and see who is wearing what, who is making fun of whom and which awards have been won. it will be grand, i say! it will also be ridiculous. no one can write about these things for that many hours without downing a few liquored up beverages, if you know what i mean.... by liquored beverage...

i guess the critics choice awards and the golden globes combine to make the penultimate oscar baby. basically the winners of both and all powers combine to make a surefire predictor of the academy award winners. critics choice awarded best movie and director (Kathryn Bigelow) to the hurt locker. hangover took best comedy. meryl streep (julie and julia) and sandra bullock (the blind side) shared best actress. lebowski (jeff bridges) from crazy heart took best actor. christolph waltz from inglorious bastards and monique from precious were the best supporting actor and actress. avatar won all the visual categories, including cinematography, editing and special effects. it won seven total i believe. district 9 won for makeup. best original screenplay was inglorious bastards (quentin tarantino) and adapted screenplay went to up in the air.

what i like about the golden globes is that it isn't all drama movies. you get to see the comedies and musicals appreciated... because comedy is hard. just listen to jack black and will farrell.

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