Sunday, January 17, 2010

the reason i love ricky gervais

... like any other british comedian, he isn't afraid to A) talk about his tiny penis, and B) that actresses and actors are overrated. he basically made fun of the facial recognition and the fact that most of them are full of themselves. should probably youtube it.

angelina jolie makes all asian babies scream "mommy"
hugh laurie saves lives as a brit pretending to be an englishman
keifer sutherland is a badass

then nicole kidman opened the show with a major debbie downer speech about haiti... like every opening presenter does (i.e. remember tom cruise post 9/11... what we do is art, donate your heart, blah blah blah... keith urban was in the backgroun looking like he was in desperate need of a stiff drink...)

so far toni collette took home award for supporting actress in a tv series. monique unsurprisingly took away best supporting actress in Precious. no surprise there considering her standing O in the critics choice awards. she'll probably get the oscar too since the judges are a split between the two ceremonies. monique's speech was pretty much from the heart, almost uncomfortably so.

award for supporting actor in a tv series went to jon lipko from dexter. jerempy piven is pissed to lose again, and last year's host neil patrick harris obviously also didn't win. he's probably pissed that this year he no longer has the ability to complain about losing for the next five presentations.

best animation feature film is a highlight mostly because mccartney just made a cartoon drug reference. the winner was Up. no surprise there. pixar has the unbeatable equation for visual stimulation while still pullin at those heartstrings. p.s. that movie made me cry in the first 10 minutes. that opening montage was the saddest most depressing thing in the entire world.

this is not related to the awards being given out right now, but i do want to mention that during the ET pre-show stuff... miss jay (the guy from America's Next Top Model with silver hair) thanked Mariah Carey for "bringing her own golden globes this evening." he was talking about her juggs... lul. he's right. those things have their own solar system, and nick canon just has this goofy smirk on his face... alknowing. if she wins anything at this one, hopefully she won't be drunk this time.

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