Saturday, December 19, 2009

christmas couldn't come sooner.

if for no other reason than at least that would mean i'm not working.

but, alas, it is not yet christmas and thus i am still working. constantly. i never really had much of a choice on the matter, considering newspapers must come out and early deadlines must be made. i'll be ready for that break when it gets here.

today basically amounted to me feeding a petting a cat that i'm taking care of for a decent period of time this morning, followed by interviews and some work at borders all afternoon. then chris and i did some holiday shopping, of which we were very successful and efficient. then i watched a holiday movie and now it's 7 p.m. and that shocks me. i figured it would be later. i might be a little disappointed because that means i actually have time to finish the work i haven't gotten to yet today.

i should probably do it too because tomorrow will be just as busy. more work, groceries, craft day at the stewarts, and more work. sounds fun.

on a more exciting note, the reviews for the avatar movie (which i've been following for nearly a year now.... that's right A YEAR) and everyone seems to be losing their minds over it. chris and i intend to attend the imax 3d version on dec. 23rd. i'm pretty stoked.


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