Saturday, December 5, 2009

what to do, what to do

To my extreme disappointment, there is no snow on the ground this morning. I was really thinking that watching holiday movies last night and putting up my Christmas tree would do the trick. I was so, so wrong.

So now I really only have two options. I can go running in the frigid (but snow-free) cold, and possibly give my lungs frostbite. Or I can do some housekeeping with some laundry, cleaning, bill paying, and writing.

Neither sound that fun, which makes me really just want to sit around all day and procrastinate my last sports column and maybe read some more blogs. But that's certainly not helping my gut and it's helping my state of mind even less. Borders, maybe? Some coffee and pick-me-ups? If I go I'll end up buying a book. There's no way around it, even though I don't NEED another book. I have plenty, and they're all over there waiting to be read. Right now I'm getting cheery or something on Dickens' Christmas Carol. Good shiz.

On an unrelated note, I read a movie review by Heritage's 12-year-old movie critic, Ryan Michaels. Technically I think that makes him my work colleague. But he trashed New Moon, and pretty much all of Twilight. I wouldn't go so far as to say he's a Twilight Hater, but he definitely misjudges the influence the series has on a large group of people. So as a closeted (who am I kidding?) Twilight fan, it is my job to educate him. I'm going to write a rebuttal review that will finally hold this middle schooler accountable. Just because you're cute, kid, doesn't mean your reviews don't have to be good. The bliss period over your uniqueness is over. Now you answer to me...

To be continued...

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