Saturday, May 22, 2010

LOST season finale: to live blog or not to live blog?

Sometimes I live blog award shows... things like the Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, etc. Some people enjoy the commentary. It's sort of like watching a DVD with the audio commentary on. Sometimes you learn something you might not have noticed. But for the most part it's there as secondary entertainment during commercial breaks and after the fact.

However, I've never live blogged a season finale before.

But then again, there has never before been a season finale quite like this either. The culmination of six seasons of utter confusion and craziness will come to an end tomorrow (Sunday!) for all LOST fans. ABC is showing a two-hour recap of the first five seasons and what has happened so far in the final season. Then there will be a two-and-a-half hour series finale. After that, Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the LOST cast and airing alternative endings.

Are they overdoing it? Probably, but I think us fans that stuck it out deserve a crap load of gifts given what we've been through since 2004. You'd better believe that some crazy stuff is going to go down. Will I be right in predicting that Sawyer takes Jack's place and that the cycle of good vs. bad continues? Will Kate die? Will Locke get off the island? Will alternative-reality-Jack get to meet Island-Jack-turned-Jacob-Jack? WHO KNOWS!?

But I leave the decision to you...

Yes, live blog and throw some comedy into the experience? No, sit back and enjoy?

I should add that I'll probably be drinking a lot of wine while I do this... so by the time we reach Kimmel I'm going to be incapable of spelling correctly....

Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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