Friday, January 14, 2011

Someone Else's Sweaty Towel: Fail

Something disgusting happened to me at the gym recently. I almost couldn't bare to share the story, but I hope that in divulging this information no one will follow in my path of sanitary destruction.

So I go to the gym. I work out. I sweat.

What happens when we sweat? We want to wipe it away!

So like any logical human being with a T-shirt too drenched to suffice, I go looking for a towel. As I approach the front desk, there is a woman at the front in business attire who appears to be a recruiter for the gym. She smiles at me with her blank grin and I ask her very politely where I can find a towel.

Her answer was simple, to the point, polite. I liked her. She pointed to a collection of towels directly in front of her in a container at the front desk. I think to myself, "sure! perfect! I figured I'd find clean towels at the front desk."

Also, as a side note, I'm well aware of the fact that my not knowing the location of towels is pretty indicative that I'm not utilizing my gym membership enough.

Back to the towel, I am loving it. I am living my own little Herbal Essences commercial except sans shower and with towel. "yes, Yes, YES! This towel feels SO GOOD! Begone, sweat!"

Then some woman who is also sweaty stops me.

"You know that's a dirty towel"

Excuse me?

"That's the dirty towel hamper."

Oh, right.

Yeah, screw that girl. In the meantime, the trainer who was WATCHING THE WHOLE THING tries desperately to hide his snicker while he walks around the partition and hands me a clean towel... which, by the way, were located UNDER the desk and out of reach. So this recruiter's idea of helping me get a towel was essentially pointing like a monkey in their general direction with various grunts of "ooo-oooo's" and "aaah-aaah's."

My trial membership is almost up. I'll be working out in the freezing cold from now on until I can find a place where the shame of this won't follow me.

Moral of the story? Smell your towels first, and never trust a recruiter with a smile.

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