Saturday, January 29, 2011

The CSA Hunt Begins!

So I've decided to do the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm share thing. I've considered it before, but since it's something I've never tried I'm a little intimidated. For example, how do I know which CSA to choose? What if there is bad weather and I don't get the produce I'm expecting from my lump sum check? What types of produce would I care about receiving the most? What if I get all these vegetables that are unrecognizable and I don't know how to cook them?

Right now my biggest waffle is whether or not I want to choose a produce-only CSA, or another type. There's this place called Old Pine Farm that does humane meat farm shares, which will end up including beef, bison, pork, lamb, chicken and emu. Yes, bison and emu, which were both recently added to the healthy red meats list by the American Heart Association. I sort of feel like a meat CSA is the right way to go for Chris and I because we eat a lot of meat and it's the most expensive thing at grocery stores, so this could end up being a way to save the most money for super awesome meat.

But I also buy a lot of produce, and I like the idea of cooking with just seasonal vegetables straight from a local farm. The question is, which one? Organic or conventional agriculture? Meat and potatoes farm, or a farm that focuses on greens? TOO MANY QUESTIONS!!

I recently heard about this lady in Ann Arbor who sort of knows everything about local farms and farmers markets, and she has this CSA booklet thingy for the Ann Arbor area to help match people with the right one. I'm going to give it a read and see if I feel enlightened. If that doesn't help, I'll probably fork over the $25 to meet with her and ask some questions. The last thing I want to do is continue to not get involved in CSA programs just because it's new and intimidating.

Stay tuned... and if you're interested in a CSA in the A2 area, you might want to take a look at her guide as well...

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