Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ahhh, thursdays...

I have to admit, I enjoy peace and quiet at work sometimes. I'm usually the first person to get here on Thursdays because we publish this day and people are recovering from their busy deadline days and sleeping in a bit. Sometimes there's nothing better than a coffee, bagel and morning to yourself in your music-filled office.

In other news, I purchased a new iPod. It's the silver iPod classic. I had one of the older iPod versions. The color clickwheel one. But it broke, and this was about the fourth time it has done so. Plus, I was almost completely maxed out on space, because the older iPods could hold 20 GB. My iTunes has about 18GB of music. So basically, I'm enjoying the added space of my 120GB iPod and have finished syncing it and updating and whatnot. This was actually quite a process to be honest. Because I couldn't just go out and buy an iPod when mine broke originally. I didn't have the most up-to-date version of iTunes on my Powerbook... which a new iPod would require. But I couldn't update my iTunes because I didn't have a new enough software version. So basically I had to spend an entire day backing up my Mac to my portable hard drive. Then another few days were spent updating my software to Leopard. Once that was done I could update my iTunes and other applications. And finally I could buy an iPod, which obviously was followed by the four-hour charge time and data transfer. But now I'm finally set. I have a new music device. My iTunes has a functional Genius, which has created just masterful playlists for me. And I'm happy. It's exciting.

I also bought a pair of Ed Hardy's that I've been wanting. P.S. those are shoes. Sort of like Converse, but typically more artful and colorful. My pair has an asian art sort of tiger drawn on. They look cool. I'm so very pleased with myself.

I also have to admit I'm not that sad that I don't have a show anymore. I used to watch House, Mad Men, American Idol and such. But all those shows are done at the moment and I've had way more flexible free time. It's sort of depressing that we dictate our life schedules around TV programming. So I feel sort of relieved to get back to what life used to be for me before I got hooked on something. I'm still reading a lot, still writing, still trying to write other independent things, and getting back into music. I've missed music a lot and wonder if I should consider buying a French Horn. Instead for the moment I'm getting back to teaching myself guitar and considering piano lessons. I'd enjoy if I had the capacity to write songs, and I think playing piano would be really helpful. I actually have a full-on keyboard that is really nice, but we'll see. I should have had Jeff Wenzinger teach me while I lived with him junior year. The kid is crazy talented and probably would have been a lovely little mentor.

So that's what's up in life right now. There are also massive amounts of changes coming with my newspaper that aren't announced or official yet. I'll know officially and be able to post something about it on Monday. Should be excitinggggggg.

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