Thursday, June 11, 2009

Work, work, rain, work

It's a rainy Thursday, which I love... but I'd be loving it more if I still had a window to look out of at work. But I don't because....

BIG TIME OFFICE MOVE this week. The Saline Reporter is now playing house to ALL the Southeastern Michigan Journal Register Co.'s weekly newspapers. That means the people from the Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Ypsilanti and Belleville papers are all here. It also meant I had to give up my office upstairs by Michelle and move downstairs into a large room with all the other sports writers. We're all crammed in the dungeon, as it will from here on out be called.

BUT, joy in small things. I have probably one of, if not THE, best desk. And I'm facing a wall. And TRUST, that is a good thing. It means I'm not facing a bunch of other writers. So I have my Twilight poster, just so, right over there. And I have Don Draper decorating the right side of my wall, just so, right over there. I've got my desk feeling homey, and everything is in its proper spot. Now I just need to get the rest of the room to feel that way. I may end up setting up a partition so that I don't feel like the sports writer sitting behind me is constantly gazing down my butt crack or over my shoulder at my Twilight blogs. That would be nice.

Mostly I just hope the transition goes smoothly. Which it won't, but hope for the best, right? Now my Saline pages are going to be down, down, down. I usually have 4-5 pages for sports in Saline. Now I'll have 2. I'll have 2 for Milan, as well, but I've always had 2-3, so that isn't critical. In the fall, there will be four additional pages added to each sports section, but that will be regional content that I'm not in charge of handling. That now falls to Don Richter of Chelsea, who is taking the sports editor position.

Which brings me to the next thing, that I now have two bosses. Since I'm still writing sports and still writing news features and whatnot, I have two editors. Technically Michelle is still the highest person in rank for me, because she is the main editor of all the papers now. BUT, I am reporting stories to two different people. We'll see how this all turns out.

Never a dull moment.... never ever..

oh yeah and I almost forgot about the awesomeness that is UP. Yeah, I finally saw it. It was great. Especially the dog, Doug. What a cutey. He had the exact personality that I feel all dogs inherently have, down to the body language. Interestingly enough, Pixar was very adept at creating a bit of a sob story, too, because I teared up a bit in the first five minutes and continued to at various points throughout the movie. Good to know I still have some emotions left that produce actual tears. None of the water left my eye, though. (Crying equivalent of "but I didn't inhale")

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