Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brown Bag Lunches: Pass, Yodel Dog: Fail

Oh brown bag lunches... how you remind me of my childhood. 

In an extremely optimistic attempt to maintain my healthy eating lifestyle without hampering my ability to pay rent, I've decided to bypass purchasing lunches altogether and bring a brown bag lunch with me to work each day. Not only is it extremely expensive to buy lunch downtown each day, it is also hard to keep track of what I'm putting in my face and whether or not my meal has quality ingredients.

I intend to document my progress on a new blog with much less snark and much more honesty. I will still be posting here for those more entertaining/rant-ish posts, but I'll also be posting over there. I will let you know when it is set up--which I intend to do tomorrow. I've decided that documenting the endeavor made more sense on a fresh page dedicated to the daily trials and tribulations of my efforts. And, oh, there will be tribulations. So many tribulations.

For one, a brown bag lunch requires planning ahead. This means waking up earlier to pack it, or fitting those duties into my nighttime routine the day before. It also means adjusting my shopping lists and taking advantage of store sales.

I will take pictures of my finished lunch masterpieces each day, and for the more complicated lunches I may include recipes and video/photo instructions as well.

Happy eating.


Now back to Pass Fail Meter duties....

Yodel Death Dog: Fail

Shame on this canine. Shame, shame...


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