Monday, September 7, 2009

Well that was a long break, friends...

Hey-lo! I haven't written anything in a good month. I've been bad. But in my defense, I did have a lot going on in August. Vacation to Outer Banks... the two weeks leading up to vacation in which I had to do double the work because I'd be gone... spending a week packing to move... moving... spending a week or more unpacking from the move... and more work than usual with fall sports kicking up (previews included). So there you have it. My August in a nutshell.

As soon as I get a few more boxes thrown away/recycled and a few more odds and ends put in their new homes, I'll take pics of the apartment I just moved into with Christopher and post those. We're really liking it so far; it's a great apartment and it's really coming along well.

Also was able to visit with all of my friends last week. Kaitlyn flew in and Kristin drove up. And Beth was around before she headed down to Tennessee for a girl party Hope reunion. It's been a good week... and with some other things going on in my life, it was much needed.

But now on to September!! It's labor day today, actually, and I'll probably be working for most of it. I attempted to do a lot of work on Friday to prepare for the fact that I wouldn't want to work on a Monday holiday... but that didn't pan out as well as I would've hoped, mainly because the coaches went on vacation early and decided to ignore me kthx. So I'll be doing that, and reading my book (The Road by Cormac McCarthy... amazing... Pulitzer Prize winning book...), watching more US Open coverage and maybe cooking something tasty.

Also given that fall is finally back, that means two of my favorite things are also back... college football and good movies. Oh how I love the Oscar-season rush. Bring on the best movies... oooo, and I booked my flight to Orlando in November to see my old roommate Rachel for the New Moon theatre premiere. Totally stoked. Can't wait at all. And I've been reading the Percy Jackson series in anticipation for that new movie to hit the screen. Several others on the horizon that I'm excited about, but that will come...

Also Michigan won... like by a lot. Sure, it was Western, but we looked good. No complaints from me so far.

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