Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ah, Sundays...

Glorious days, Sundays. Almost the best day of the week, but not quite. I lounge a lot, do some knee-injury-appropriate exercises, drink tea over my morning paper, do way-too-old-for-me things, etc. etc.

So far the morning has been nice. I made a blueberry smoothie and toast for breakfast, and caught up on all my Ann Arbor News reading. Now the plan is to mail some bills, get some laundry started, and watch "S. Darko" which I rented at blockbuster a few days ago. Apparently it's a follow up movie to "Donnie Darko" that deals with Donnie's sister in the aftermath of his death. Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl is in it, so I said why not? It can't be much worse than Bride Wars, which I also rented.

But eventually, hopefully by midafternoon I'll get around to writing some stories for the paper so my Monday and Tuesday go easier and I'm not stressed out about my deadline. Goal: write two features and my column and gather stats for all the weekend games. It can be done. But it will suck.

Hopefully I can get some exercise in there as well before heading off to Chris's house this evening. It would be good considering the shit I put in my system last night at the bars. However, I now have to nurse a bruised arm, a scuffed knee and a bruised knee cap in addition to the injured left knee I was already nursing. Having tripped on the stairs in a parking structure at 2 a.m., I am now a walking injury. But the worst part of all that, is that I actually touched the ground of the stairwell with bare hands. Ewwwwww.

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