Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm award-winning, yo

You heard it here first. But probably not because I found out like a month or so ago... but now I finally have the official pieces of paper.

I won some Michigan Press Association Better Newspapers Awards. I won four to be exact, and they send you one of those certificates, like the one you get for being an Honor Roll student in middle school. It's flimsy, and I think I have this exact certificate stationary from Staples. I might even be able to fake winning five, or TEN!

So I took first in my class for Sports Column, which I mean, let's be honest, that's the most important category for me... because it's almost like they're judging me as a person. My column is undoubtedly the thing that's the most fun to write, gets me the most crap from people, and exhibits my *true* voice. Blah, blah blah... so the verdict is in and I win.

I also nabbed second place for a sports feature on some Milan ice hockey brothers that are all playing on the same team at once. There are four of them. Then I grabbed first place for Sports coverage of Milan and second place for sports coverage in Saline.

In the scheme of things this probably doesn't mean a lot to people, but I was pretty excited. I have a feeling most people only care about awards when they don't get them, so I'm pretty happy to be in the winning column. Also my resume looks cooler now. Almost like I'm legitimate. Almost.

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