Sunday, October 17, 2010

Phallic trophies: Pass

The other day, for no reason in particular, my conversation with a few friends shifted to phallic symbols and, more specifically, trophies. A female friend mentioned the Superbowl trophy, and she said her newspaper editor (also a female) at one time refused to put the trophy on the cover of the paper because it was "disgustingly phallic." I thought that was pretty funny since, well, EVERY trophy is pretty much phallic. Last night's Spike SCREAM awards would be a good example.

Phallic symbols do not bother me. Various feminists may believe that the proliferation of these symbols in our culture give men validation for their perceived superiority to us poor females. I, however, could care less if men draw their penises everywhere. I have faith that men would find a way to promote their junk without architecture and awards shows. I'm fairly certain of that. I also think that being a strong woman doesn't necessarily mean fearing promotion of the male gender. Besides, feminists who outrage everyone and and give men an excuse to roll their eyes and label you as such a crazy feminist is about as tactful a strategy as that took by King Henry VIII while establishing the Church of England.

"Guys, it's totally NOT about the woman I'm currently trying to seduce.... but really, priests, I need a divorce ASAP because she won't have sex until we're married."

So, for my part, I'm going to embrace the hilarity of certain phallic symbols and pick my battles. Besides, how embarrassing would it be to devote your life to women's rights and then spend it talking about penises?

... and for those in the metro Detroit area who might listen to 89X in the morning with Dave, Chuck the Freak and Lisa... "Top of the morning penis to you!"

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